The following are a few insights into gratifying placements Our Team has enjoyed over the years.

Never Say Never

“One of the reasons Professional Outlook is so successful in finding the right fit is because we keep in touch with highly skilled candidates even when they’re not searching. A great example is a candidate I’d encountered who had worked for a Large Chemical Company for 20+ years. I thought he would never make a job change. You see, he was very happy with his job. I had called him for 7 years and he would always say to me ‘Keep in touch, you just never know…’ Finally, one day he emailed me and said he was ready to make a move. He had recently been widowed and wanted to move closer to his kids and new grandbaby on the East Coast. Within 3 months of reconnecting with me he was starting his new job in an industry that was thriving! Needless to say I learned to never give up as ‘you just never know…’ It’s very gratifying to help someone move through a transition in their life, find a great fit, and assist a client by finding a talented and productive employee all at the same time.” – Professional Outlook, Senior Recruiter

There’s No Place Like Home…

“A candidate responded to a job posting for which I was having a tough time finding the right person. It turned out she lived 15 minutes away from the facility and possessed every trait our client was looking for. She was commuting a little over an hour each way, which was causing tremendous strain on her family. She thought she had no other options. Now that she is happily in her new position she shared what a wonderful effect it had on home life as well as her career.”

“Offering professional advancement and putting a candidate in a position to succeed is a great feeling. Knowing that because of your efforts the candidate’s quality of life has improved is heartwarming.” – Professional Outlook, Senior Recruiter

A Meaningful Placement…

“Twelve years ago I encountered a candidate whose position was eliminated after he had devoted his entire career to a company. The candidate had missed birthdays, Little League games, obtained an MBA to keep his skills fresh for the company – you get the picture. His position was eliminated at a time when they had a child in college and one just starting and he had been the sole provider. I kept in contact with this candidate, giving leads on positions I heard about, even where they were not using recruiters. As luck would have it, this candidate found a position as a result – not the position I passed on directly, but, through someone they knew at that company. It occurred at a critical time for his family. Even though it was not a direct placement, it was one of the most meaningful moments I’ve had in this industry.” – Deb P., Senior Recruiter