Bethany Brevard York President
Bethany is the President and Founder of Professional Outlook, Inc. (POI). Bethany has worked in the recruiting industry since 1989 and founded POI in 1991. Previously, she worked in the apparel manufacturing industry and retail sales management in California before relocating to the Chicago area, then finally Western Michigan to be closer to family.
Colleen Doerr Sr. EHS, HR and Engineering Recruiter
Colleen joined POI in 1998, and is currently a Sr. Recruiter in the areas of EHS, Engineering and HR. She specializes in finding top talent for her clients and solid career opportunities for her professional candidates. Before joining POI Colleen worked 13 years for a large high-tech manufacturer where she was a consultant partnering with sales and delivering contract administration and support for numerous clients. With several years of experience developing strategies to support both internal and external client, her forte is understanding the clients’ organization, their culture and technical needs, thus equipping her well for the task of bringing together the right candidate and the right role.
Deb Hunkins Patane Sr. Chemical Process Recruiter
Specializing in the chemical process industry, Deb has been in the business since 1989 to include owning her own agency for over a decade prior to joining POI in 2005.  She received the Gold Recruiter Achievement Status from the National Personnel Association (NPA) in 2013 representing the top 10% of all NPA recruiters globally and thrives on still utilizing the phone to seek and find those special candidates for her clients.  “There is great enjoyment and personal satisfaction in connecting a wonderful future employee – seldom out there on a job board – with a fabulous company and everyone wins.”
Jason Brevard Sr. Chemical Process Recruiter
Jason specializes in Engineering for the Chemical Process Industry. His strongest point is his understanding of the technical needs of the position and finding candidates that will thrive in the client’s respective cultural environment. Jason focuses on establishing relationships with top engineering talent and assist them with career advancement and professional growth.
Lesley Socha Sr. EHS, HR and Engineering Recruiter
Lesley joined Professional Outlook in the fall of 2013. As a professional Recruiter, she is very dedicated to finding those ‘diamond in the rough’ candidates. Using her advanced search skills on top of her ‘make the call’ mentality, she is a success in her field. If you have a great opportunity and need help finding a candidate, reach out to her, as she loves a challenge. Prior to joining POI, Lesley started her career as a Personal Banker for a mid-sized regional bank. Her industry knowledge and market savvy helped to match customers with the right banking product suitable for them. Lesley incorporates her past experience into her daily functions as an Exporter to insure she meets the expectations and requirements of each position brought forward.
Stephanie Emanuele Recruiting Assistant
Beginning as an intern for Professional Outlook in 2014, Stephanie returned to the company after working in Marketing for a few years post-graduation from Hope College. Her background in sales and passion for interpersonal communications helps her bring a fresh perspective to recruitment and assist in implementing new strategies. She is thrilled to serve as a partner in the team’s successes and looks forward to continuous improvement for POI.